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Auction Listing Creator
Do you have a lot of stuff laying about your house you want to get rid of? Wanna sell it on eBay? Get Auction Listing Creator. more...

Brother HL-2070N Network Monochrome Laser Printer
This is an excellent printer! When I first ran across the printer, I was very reluctant to buy it. Being a Mac guy, I sometimes find the print drivers do not work as well as they do on Windows. Or I find I have to jump through some hoops to get it to work right. The reviews I read indicated it was trouble-free, so I decided to give it a try. more...

Clean Upright Sweeper
One effective way to keep a camp clean is a daily sweep of the camp. Everyone in the camp gets up, cleans things up and goes back to their daily routine. One really great tool for cleaning up little bits of debris is to use a upright sweeper. more...
I know this sounds nutty, but people will shop on and buy Picasso drawing for $30,000.00 and jewelry items costing $10,000.00 without much of a fuss. Why would you spend so much on an item you've never seen before? Because if you are not satisfied, Costco will take it back. more...

Micro Accessories G4 iBook / PowerBook Adapter
Apple's quality control is appalling. It really is. I understand it makes a great operating system, but it's galling to me how shoddy their quality has become on their products. more...

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