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One effective way to keep a camp clean is a daily sweep of the camp. Everyone in the camp gets up, cleans things up and goes back to their daily routine. One really great tool for cleaning up little bits of debris is to use a upright sweeper.

An upright sweeper is a dust pan with a long handle and a small broom which can be used to sweep up little bits so you don't have to constantly bend over. The dust pan should be flat when on the ground and tilt up when you lift it up. This keeps the little bits of debris easy to control.

Another nice feature to look for is whether or not the broom and dustpan have been designed to snap together to keep them from wandering apart. It's also nice to be able to store away in a compact fashion.

This is an accessory that I feel every camp really needs. It's a lot more helpful than you can guess. It's the kind of thing that makes organized camping a simple task.

It is the kind of thing that can help your camp go from Red or Yellow to Green & clean.

OXO Upright Sweeper

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