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Terro Liquid Ant Bait

I have to say that I swear by Grants Ant Stakes. I always use them and they have always worked for me. I was house sitting for a friend when I noticed they developed a huge ant problem. There were thousands of ants in their house marching in a line to the cat food dish.

Terro Liquid Ant Killer Baits

When it comes to cats, I get leery about putting out traps, mostly because pet owners freak out and think the cat is going to eat the poison. The owner had previously put the Grants stakes in the house, but the ants were not attracted at all. I figured the Grants were a bit old, so I bought some new ones. I also noticed that the owner had Terro Ant Traps in the house. I have never used them and I figured it couldn't hurt, so I placed a Terro trap along the ant trail, then went to the store to purchase additional Grants stakes and Raid Ant Traps for closer to the food dish.

When I returned, the ants had stopped their march to the cat food and detoured to the Terro, where they were drowning themselves in the liquid trying to get as much poison as they could carry back to the nest. These ants, which were small black Argentinean ants, seemed to love the Terro.

The ants hardly touched the Grants stakes and avoided the Raid Ant Traps like it was a Christian Heavy Metal Rock concert.

The cat expressed no interest in the Terro ant traps, which was nice, but I also had them stashed under the curtains out of side of the cat.

The traps have a weird quirk that took me a while to figure out. They come sealed, so you need to have scissors or a sharp knife to open them before use. If you set them without cutting them open, they will not work. you need to cut open one side, marked with red, so the ants will crawl inside. First you need to tilt them to the other side or liquid might come out. Once you place them on or near the trail, the scout ants will quickly find it, exploit the find to the nest and then the workers take over.

The traps are not as easy to find as the Raid or the Grants, but if you have little black ants that avoid other poisons, they are worth the search.

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