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I know this sounds nutty, but people will shop on and buy Picasso drawing for $30,000.00 and jewelry items costing $10,000.00 without much of a fuss. Why would you spend so much on an item you've never seen before?

Because if you are not satisfied, Costco will take it back.

You don't have to mail it back to them, walk into any one of more than 400 Costco stores around the world, explain the problem and they will refund your money. And this policy extends from socks, batteries all the way up to a single Picasso drawing.

Pricing on Costco is hard to beat. They offer very low prices on what amounts to a very limited selection, but a very decent selection of items. You will not find 10,000 drills, but they do offer decent drills like a DeWalt cordless that is priced very reasonably.

One thing I did not realize is that anyone can buy from You do not need to be a member, you'll just end up paying 5% more than you would as a member. You can still walk into any Costco and return items if you are not satisfied or mail it back.

Another fantastic thing about Costco is the cost of shipping. It's free on many items for ground and reasonably priced for expedient delivery.

Their Web site is easy to navigate and well laid out. The only issue I had is that when I paid for expedited shipping, I could not get an estimated shipping date for a few hours after I purchased the item. Other than this little hassle, is a great way to shop.

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