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DeWalt Spline Rotary Hammer

I have found the secret to drilling into concrete is to have a tool with enough power and the right bit to do the job.

DeWalt Spline Rotary Hammer
For most jobs, the DeWalt D25551K 1-9/16" Spline Rotary Hammer is the right tool. If you have to drill a hole into a concrete wall, this hammer has the right amount of hammering power and twist so a concrete bit can effectively do it's job. It's not a light hammer, but it has nice hand holds to help you comfortably hold it while it is drilling into concrete. The drill also has a guide you can set if the depth of the hole is a consideration. It can be if you are drilling into a concrete floor and you don't want to go through to the floor below.

This hammer kit features:

- Electronic variable speed with impact control
- 7.3 ft./lbs. of hard-hitting impact energy
- Bit Lock feature to lock mechanism to free jammed bits
- 1,330-to-2,660 bpm and 140-to-280 rpm
- Side handle, depth rod, bit grease, and kit box

The Hammer has an electronic Variable Speed control, 7.3 FT LB Of Impact Energy, Bit Lock For Unwinding Jammed Bits, Factory Clutch & 360 Degree Side Handle.

On the other side, DeWalt's hammer bits are very expensive. They may run $50 for a bit. But it's very much worth the expense. I have drilled in the past with cheap bits and you might end up going through 4 or 5 bits to complete a job. It seems their bits cut right into the concrete just fine. I expected the job to last 30 minutes or longer. I finished the drilling in under five minutes.

This hammer may seem a bit expensive, but it does the job right and it's worth the cost.

DeWalt Rotary Hammer

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