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A friend of mine recently got a scare in her house. She has a gas powered water heater that seemed to have a funny odor.

Her brother was pestering her that it might be carbon monoxide, but thats silly. Everyone knows it's odorless. Due to a little family pressure, she went out and bought a carbon monoxide detector and got the scare of her could have been very short rest of her life.

A maximum level of 50 PPM is the highest recommended for healthy adults. The reading in parts of her house were well above 100 PPM and climbing!

Any house, RV or trailer that uses gas or oil appliances can be at risk for exposure to carbon monoxide. Most appliances are designed to operate safely, but how would you know it is operating safely without some way of measuring the CO levels?

I am not much for preaching fear to get people to act, but carbon monoxide detectors are reasonably priced and worth the investment of $20-$50 for a basic unit. A lithium battery powered unit for a camper or RV would run just over $60.00 which is perfect if you happen to have a gas stove, refrigerator, or heater in the unit.

For more information, check out: Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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