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Nevados: Cheap Hiking Boots

A new concept: disposable shoes just for the trip.

One thing about attending an event like Burning Man is that its hard on everything. You can drag your $400.00 hiking boots out there and they may do just fine. But they are going to get trashed. They will be covered with a fine alkalai dust that will eat up your shoes just the same way they would be trashed by a fine acid dust.


Instead of trashing a perfectly good pair of shoes every year, I like to trash a perfectly cheap pair of shoes. So if you plan to do a lot of walking, doing a job like Rangering, you really should have a decent pair of shoes and what better shoes to trash than ones under $40?

Nevados makes cheap shoes. Well I should say they make a shoe for father cheap. The Edgewood has a durable leather upper-mid cut design which supports your ankles and a padded tongue and collar which makes it comfortable during extended wear. This is a shoe that could last you for a year or for a few weeks. It's strong enough to last through Burning Man and after that, who cares? Donate them to Goodwill and move on to a new pair. I know the idea of $40 each year for footwear will add up after a while, but the environment is so hard on good shoes, it might be knocking years off a more expensive pair anyway.

I have actually found these shoes will last for about six months to a year with hard use. My version of hard use is really hard use. Add to this a pair of Holey Soles and you have two pairs of shoes good for using at Burning Man that should cost you under $60.00.

Nevados Men's Edgewood

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