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Fire Safety

Fire is an incredible performance medium to incorporate into a performance. Fire has so many deep meanings and fears attached to it. However, fire is also a potentially dangerous medium that can very quickly lead to serious injury, property loss and death. We cannot emphasize enough that being a patient at a burn ward in a trauma center is possibly the most miserable place to be stuck in this side of a torture chamber. People with extensive burns are in severe pain and can remain that way for years. Skin grafts can hurt as much as the original burn and limbs do not grow back.

This Web site is designed to promote the safe use of fire and pyrotechnics both onstage and off. The safety tips are recommendations that performers associated with Cirque de Flambé and ARF use themselves. In general, we have very few injuries. This is due to the fact that we have a very heavy emphasis on safety. If you are planning to do any stunt with fire or plan to use pyrotechnics, we encourage you to follow these safety rules as a guide. These are the same rules you will find in in most cities and stated for fire and pyrotechnics.

Before working with fire in any fashion, please contact your local fire safety officials. They can work with you on local safety regulations and their own personal concerns.


Written by Wally Glenn
Edited by Neil Carlberg, Maque Da Vis' and Daniel Walsh.

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The information on this Web site is for informational pourposes only. Nothing should be attempted without first consulting your local Fire Marshal or the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in your area. Some of the activities described may be illegal in your area and in no way should you attempt any activity without the expressed consent of the AHJ.