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Pyro Day Boxes

One area of pyrotechnics that frequently gets overlooked is storage. Whether you are working with sparklers or mortar shells, pyrotechnics should always be secure when not in your immediate control. It is far too easy for them to get up and walk away. Don't tempt them or in reality, the people around you. If you are going to have pyrotechnics, you need to have a day box.

A day box is the label given to any solid container, usually wood or a wood-lined metal box that can be locked to provide you a place to store your pyrotechnics safely. It can be of any size, but it usually is large enough to store your fireworks without being too large to be easily moved by one or two people. This page deals with day boxes meant for 1.4g, Class "C" Fireworks.

Many people will buy an old wooden ammo crate and use it as a day box. These are roughly 24" long and 18" wide. It should have a hasp and a lock on it for security. You should have enough storage boxes to lock up all of your pyrotechnics.

You can also use a metal box of a similar size lined with wood. This can be 1/4-1/2" plywood cut to fit and attached securely to the floor, walls and the lid. The wood is non-conductive, so it helps lessen the chances of a static build-up.

When your pyrotechnics are in a closed and locked day box, they are safe from prying eyes, people's temptations, sparks, water damage and much more.


Pyrotechnic materials and devices shall not be stored within 50' of any unprotected source of heat or open flame.

Written by Wally Glenn
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