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This is truly a must have item for any woman attending any event where bathrooms are hard to find or port-a-potties are in use.

whiz a way
This device is truly a wonder. It is an easy to use external device that allows women to pass urine anywhere, discreetly, without any problems. It is very small, lightweight, made of hygienic teflon plastic so urine does not stick to it and it can be folded and carried very easily. Simply hold it against the body and let nature and gravity do the rest.

This is perfect for a woman who may have a small bladder and is concerned with riding deep on the Playa far away from portapotties or wants to be able to use the portapotties regardless of how messy they may be. This is the device for you.

how whizaway works

The product sells for about �8.50, which is around $15.00 for the top-of-the-line unit, which is made from medical grade plastic and is self-cleaning. The company is in the UK, but they ship to the US and are a reliable company.

This is a must have item.

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