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Roomba Discovery Vacuuming Robot

Every product in your home should scream, "this is the coolest product, ever!" and this one does. Developed by iRobot, Roomba at the click of a button will wander a floor of your house and vacuum the entire floor! It does this using a self-discovery algorithm. It not only figures out the floor of your house, but it will spend extra time cleaning areas which need extra help.

roomba 4210
Roomba will clean under tables, chairs, beds and other areas you might miss because it's low enough to reach places you may forget or skip because it's a nuisance. For instance, if your couch is high enough off the ground, Roomba will clean under your couch. When the battery is low or it has completed a cleaning cycle, the vacuum automatically returns to its charging Home Base so that it will be ready for the next cleaning session. Roomba will only clean level floors, it cannot manage steps. So if you have one level of your house, Roomba will clean every square foot it can reach.

Roomba is not perfect. It can be stopped by loose clothing, floppy bath rugs or towels and objects that are just under the height of the Roomba. If you can manage to keep these objects off the floor before it cleans, Roomba can really help you keep your place much cleaner than it is today.

The suction power of a Roomba is not as good as a vacuum like Dyson, but really, nothing is like a Dyson. Roomba serves a different role. It allows you to assign vacuuming to another entity which can do the work while you are not home. In fact, one model, the Roomba Scheduler, will even allow you to program up to seven different times when it will vacuum your house. We tested the Roomba Discovery which lacked this feature.

One cool feature Roomba will not tell you about is the ability to freak out your dog. All you have to do is activate Roomba and the dog will go nuts. In fact, the Roomba will not actually chase the dog, but dogs have the abilty to get in the path of the Roomba and it looks like it's chasing it around the house.

If you like gadgets and love the idea of a robot doing your dirty work, Roomba is for you. We have found that it forces us to pick up in advance so the Roomba can do it's job which has lead to a far cleaner home.

Roomba Discovery
Roomba Scheduler

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