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It's not often you find a product that lives up to it's name and it's marketing pitch. If you're going to party like a Rock Star, you better consider RockStar.

I put RockStar to the test during some RockStar endurance driving I did to Burning Man in 2005. A trailer with the shade structure and couches of some friends of mine was dumped on me to tow in an emergency situation. My Surburban had the ability to easily tow 2900 lbs of couches. But after two days of delay with the trailer, I was wiped out and the other people in my caravan were tired as well. But we had to leave.

Then Kathy pulled out a round of RockStar.
It has a nice, citrus taste and a bit of that energy drink taste to it. It's flavor is a step up from most energy drinks. Plus it has vitamin B added to the drink, which at least gives it a shot above any other energy drink.

So we drive a about a mile, we stop and check the ratchet straps on the trailer and we have another round of RockStar. We then head out to I-90 and drive to Ellensburg, then down US-97 to Goldedale, Washington where we had another round of RockStar.

I should mention at this point the daily recommended intake of RockStar is two cans and we are one can above that. Then we head out for Bend Oregon and along the way I have another RockStar. This is more expensive than truck stop speed, but with 75 milligrams of caffeine, it is keeping me awake and better than truck stop coffee.

When we hit Bend, we gassed up and I reached into the cooler to grab a can of soda water, but I opened the RockStar instead. Well, waste not, want not, so I had another RockStar. By the time I hit Silver Lake, Oregon, I was too tired to continue driving, so I let someone else drive for a while. Amazingly enough, I was able to sleep in the car for a while, even though I have polished off way, way too many cans of RockStar. I finally pulled into Summer Lake Hot Springs where I was able to sleep after a nice soak.

What does this have to do with energy drinks? Well for one, I could actually drink it and like the flavor. I have had some truly awful tasting energy drinks in my day and at least this one tastes good. I'm not sure why most energy drinks taste somewhere between bad and terrible, but they do. I'm not sure why many of them smell like the blue liquid they put in a Port-A-Potty, but they do.

RockStar is a step above all that.

Now if you like it plain, you really need to mix up a PornStar. That is a RockStar with vodka. This is how an energy drink with alcohol should taste. Please Budweiser, take note and follow along.

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