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Coleman 68 Qt. Blue Cooler

Basic, reliable and well-built.

If you need to keep some cans or bottles in a container, on ice, this is cooler is fine. It has nowhere near the cooling power of the newer, super cool coolers, but it does a good job if that is not important.
Coleman Blue Cooler
It cleans well, it's light, it's manageable and more durable than plastic totes. The handles have this strange way of being attached that makes them very easy to carry. I have better coolers that I use for keeping things I need cold for extended periods of time. But if you wanted a cooler for holding a few cases of beer and dump ice over the top, this is cooler will do the job. I have one and use it for holding glass bottles of things like lemonade. I like to think of it as my portable wet bar.

Coleman 68qt Cooler

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