Arf Camp: 1998

The remnants of the Fire Labyrinth

In 1998 the members of the Artists' Republic of Fremont headed back out to establish our own little bit of paradise a few miles north of Gerlach, Nevada for Burningman 1998. This year the posse expanded to well over 100 people.. Amazingly enough, we had the same spot as we had last year, right next door to the Temple of Atonement, just south of Gigsville.

Once again we brought back the passports and they were a runaway success. In addition to the Passports, we also brought out the Certificate of Insanity which was issued to anyone that could prove they were out of their minds. We were amazed and a bit scared at how many people seemed to be able to easily prove they were out of their gourds.

Sister Kitty Catalyst

In 1998, members of ARFCamp and their work could be seen everywhere. Our big performance pieces, The Scapegoat and the Cirque de Flambe, were very well recieved. Several of our entourages like the Red Menace, and the Glittery things were a huge hit. ARFCamp members also created a Fire Labyrinth, performed fire acts in front of our camp and once again participated in the burning of The Man.

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The Scapegoat
The Labyrinth
The Burning of the Man
The 1998 Man Pre-Burn
The Tesla Coil
The Torches
Camp Location
Playa Pictures
Ted Bachelor


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