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People have become justifiably concerned about their privacy on the Internet. You never know if just by visiting a site you will be deluged with useless junk mail and people are sick of it.

The people behind the scenes at the Artists' Republic of Fremont feel the same way.

It is the strict policy of this Web site and all partner Web sites that we do not sell or capture e-mail addresses. We could do it if we wanted to, but we have far better things to do. Therefore, if you submit your name on any form it will not be used except for the specific reason stated. If you subscribe to a newsletter, you get a newsletter and no e-mails from This is a fun and happy place and we aim to keep it that way. Any information submitted to this site will be used only for the purpose it was intended.

However, if you place your e-mail address in a guestbook form or in a discussion list, we have no way of stopping someone from collecting those addresses. Please be aware of this. This is no different from any other Web site. We are simply stating the obvious.

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