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Everybody likes makes fun of Spam. It has been the subject of ridicule for years. First as a luncheon meat, next as a form of junk e-mail messages. But through it all, people have bought a lot of Spam.

In certain parts of America such as Hawai'i, Spam is part of the culture and when you insult Spam, you're making fun of their culture.

So I ask you, have you ever tried Spam?
Hormel Spam
Whenever I go camping, I bring Spam. And when I start to cook it up, the same thing happens over and over. People make fun of the Spam, they make jokes at my expense about the Spam. Then they notice that Spam smells quite a bit like bacon. Then I serve it up and after poking fun at the strange pink meat, (the same pink as ham, I might add), they try a piece. Then they try another. Over the years, I have heard every bad joke about Spam, every negative comment and in that entire time, I have never thrown away an uneaten piece. Because the honest truth is, people love Spam. They may not admit it at first, but they love it.

It seems everything these days has some scary sounding name in the ingredients, Spam remains simple and straightforward. It's ingredients are: "Pork With Ham, Salt, Water, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite." That's it. It's the same ingredients it has had since 1937. Take a look at the side of the can of almost any competitor and it looks like a science project.

The beauty of Spam beyond it's simplicity is that it doesn't go bad. If you want to have meat on a camping trip, pop a few cans of Spam in the car. If you forget about the Spam, use it on the next camping trip. No refrigeration is needed. In fact, you do not even have to slice it up to cook it. Spam can be cooked in the can. In fact, thats how it is cooked in the factory. It is sealed up, then cooked in the can. Thats why it has such a long shelf life.

Next time you camping, don't forget the Spam.

Hormel Spam

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