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Gelled Alcohol

Gelling alcohol for treating specific areas with fire.

Gelled alcohol can be purchased in two forms. One, a plastic squeeze bottle which can be used to lay down a specific trail of alcohol for spot fire application as an example with fire starter gel used in wood fire places and lighting barbecue grills. The other form is in a can of Sterno used to heat buffet dishes like at a wedding. Either form is readily available.

However, it is nice to be able to make your own gelled alcohol for artistic reasons. If you are coloring flames with alcohol and looking for a way to burn it without using a wick, this is a great way of putting the alcohol in one area and keeping it in place.

How to make it

One of the easiest ways to make gelled alcohol is to take denatured alcohol, add in a liquid dish soap like Joy until the alcohol starts to gel. Once it hits the consistency you like, it is ready to be used.

I recommend storing it in an airtight appropriate container since the alcohol will evaporate.

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