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Gas Comparison Chart

This is an interesting table which shows some characteristics of different gas flames as they come out of a torch.

This chart compares the flames you would find coming out of a standard hand-held torch.

  Butane Propane MAPP Acetylene
Flame Temperature in Air (�F) 3,200 3,450 3,650 4,350
Total Heating Value (BTU/CuFt) 3,374 2,498 2,406 1,470
Primary Combustion Heating Value (BTU/CuFt) 315 255 517 507
Specific Gravity of Gas in Air 2.076 1.52 1.48 0.906
Pounds Per Gallon 4.7 4.24 4.8 N/A
Explosive Limits in Air (%) 1.9 - 8.5 2.2 - 9.5 3.4 - 10.8 2.5 - 80.00
Toxicity Low Low Low Low
Shock Sensitivity Stable Stable Stable Unstable
Tendency to Backfire Slight Slight Slight to Moderate Considerable
Vapor Pressure @ 70�F 30 125 120 250
Reactions to Backfire Few Restrictions Few Restrictions Avoid unalloyed Silver, Alloys containing more than 67% Copper & Magnesium Avoid alloys with more than 67% Copper
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