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Fire Information

Fire Check List

These are some basic safety check items we suggest you consider before lighting any flammable art.

Safety Equipment

1. Sufficient and visible fire extinguishers
2. First aid
3. Emergency plan
4. Project and fuels area are illuminated

Propane Fueled Device

1. Fuel tanks in working order, protected from vehicle traffic & open flame
2. Fuel lines rated for pressure used & materials that they are used for.
3. Shut off valves visible & accessible
4. Accumulators suitable for pressures used
5. Control & effects valves Rated for application

Liquid Fueled Device

1. Liquid fuel pressure vessel rated for pressures used & suitable for application
2. Pressure vessel protected by pressure relief valve rated for a pressure at or 3. Below rated max pressure of fuel vessel
4. Equipment protected from fuel rain down & other leaks or spills
5. Fuel lines rated for pressures & materials used

Open Flame

1. Burn platform sufficient to contain fire
2. Fuels used to ignite fire
3. Perimeter sufficient to protect participants& free of flammable materials

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The information on this Web site is for informational pourposes only. Nothing should be attempted without first consulting your local Fire Marshal or the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in your area. Some of the activities described may be illegal in your area and in no way should you attempt any activity without the expressed consent of the AHJ.