Arf Camp 1997

Arf Camp 97
The 1997 Arf Camp

In 1997, members of the Fremont Arts Council, located in the center of the universe, collected themselves together as the Artists' Republic of Fremont and did a little trek out to the desert and set up camp right next door to the Temple of Atonement.

Since we formed our own Republic, we issued passports to those wishing to seek citizenship in our imagination. It was an unqualified success.

In addition to the Passports, we also staged our own fire show, The Feast of Vulcanalia which traspired right before Pepe Ozan's opera, the Daughters of Ishtar. During the Feast we performed the Fire Puppet, The Comet, Morris Dancers, burned a laptop (donated by Microsoft) and were graced by the Vancouver Performance Art group Pyrodesiacs. It was a great show.

One of the most visible things staged by a member of ARF was the Temple of Fertility by Ti. It was a beautiful yellow and orange flowing tent that was on the Playa. It was incredible.

Pyrodesiacs and select members of ARF were also involved with the burning of the Man. It was a great time.


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