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a storm
A wind storm blows through Burningman 1998.

Arf Camp: 1999

Latest News:
We have been granted a spot from Mercury to Venus from 4:30 to 4:54. A map of Burningman can be found at

We have a camp poster! How many camps have an official poster??

The 1999 Camp Map has been finalized.

Great things are happening in ARFCamp for 1999. We have some incredible plans and this is the place to see them come together. If you have questions, please contact Roger Neate

  • ARF Organizational Plans:1999
    Find out our detailed plans for 1999.

  • Seattle BM Rideshare
    Need a ride from the Pacific Northwest to Gerlach? This forum is dedicated to helping people hook up for the drive to Nevada.

  • Passport Office
    We are now accepting applications for asylum in the Artists' Republic of Fremont. Are you Accepting enough to be one of us?

  • Burningman Pictures
    Pictures of the event from the Playa.

  • Coolers and Ice
    Important information for those of you heading out to the Playa.

  • Items to Bring
    If you go out to a desert unprepared, you will die. Here are some helpful suggestions to make the experience more enjoyable in the harsh conditions you will find in the Black Rock Desert.

  • Directions
    If you are driving to Burningman from British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon or Washington, these directions can point you to the best route to Gerlach, Nevada and beyond.


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